I cannot say enough great things about Fitness 4 Life. The classes are fantastic, challenging, fun, upbeat and always different. I promise you will not get bored! Having said that, the absolute best part of Fitness 4 Life is George. He makes every workout awesome and interesting – and no matter what your fitness level is, he makes sure you are getting the most out of every workout. I would highly, highly recommend Fitness 4 Life to anyone interested in getting fit!

A. Gaines Snyder

George’s holistic approach to personal training was a winning combination for me. Through the use of a food journal and George’s nutritional guidance I learned how to change my eating habits to eat healthier, boost my metabolism and lose weight without going hungry. George has helped me to surpass my weight loss goal and level of fitness. You really should allow him to do the same for you!

D. Samper

When I first started seeing George, I was participating in aerobic activities including martial arts, soccer, and running. At times my knees would bother me. George helped me to understand the balance between muscles and then proceeded to help me build the strength of my hamstrings to provide the necessary support for my knees. I no longer have knee pain.

M. Frantz

I can’t say enough good things about Stephanie. When I started working out with her it’s embarrassing to say I couldn’t even do one woman’s push up. With enthusiasm, encouragements and humor, she’s worked with me over the past 2 1/2 years and produced amazing results. After six months I could do power push-ups (push-ups with claps). It’s been such a motivating experience and I feel so much healthier and stronger. I’ll add that she’s a wonderful person who’s fun just to be with.

L. Ibach

Stephanie,  is a well-trained personal trainer and truly a master of her craft.  Her workouts at her facility are always very intense and motivating. Through her training you are worked not only physically but emotionally and mentally. She makes working out challenging, creative but most importantly fun. Throughout my time working with Stephanie I have gained the confidence I needed to taking my workouts to the next level and reaching out of my comfort zone and the results I have witness have been truly amazing!  Stephanie’s encouragement through this process have made all the difference … Thank you for patience and guidance through my fitness journey !