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XFIT is not your normal workout! Experience an incredible workout that will improve your strength, balance, cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. This workout is great for those wanting to lose weight or tone and firm up.

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Barbell Pump & Flow Online


Barbell Pump & Flow – This is a 30 minute strength training class using a barbell for a full body workout. The class is designed to help lift, tone and strengthen every inch of your body. You will be challenged using traditional barbell exercises in a non-traditional way. Tired of working out and not seeing results? Join our barbell class – you will see results! There is a sign-up for this class, Sign-Up Here!

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CoreFit will challenge your entire core not just you abs! Experience an incredible workout that will improve your core strength, stabilization and stamina.

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Ninja Fitness


With an emphasis on fitness, development of social skills and most importantly FUN, this program is designed to improve body coordination, focus, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Ninja fitness is progressive, using belt promotions as the strong motivator to inspire you to set and exceed your goals. Students may join this program alone or combine it with our karate program. This is a great program to take with your family or individually. All fitness levels welcome no special skills required.

For more information on our Ninja Fitness program please click on the link www.FTFKarate.com/ninja-fitness.

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Fighting Tiger Family Karate

We have been  offering martial arts training throughout the Triangle for over 10 years. We offer Karate classes for children and for adults. We use martial arts training to help build stronger families; and because our program is affordable, everyone in your family can enjoy the benefits of martial arts training.

For more information on our Raleigh, NC Karate program please click on the link www.FTFKarate.com.

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Glute Camp

Glute Camp! This 30 min booty camp will create beautifully lifted round glutes from every angle.

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Cardio Kickboxing


Cardio Kickboxing is a blend of stances, punches, kicks and other kickboxing techniques that are sure to give you an incredible workout. Learn kickboxing moves that burn calories and provide exceptional toning. Cardio kickboxing is a great way to drop a few pounds.

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